NOARS hosts a weekly net on the 146.700 repeater so that we can maintain contact with the local amateur radio community.   Also, NOARS sponsors a 10M net on 28.370MHz on Tuesdays @ 8PM.  The Burning River Traffic Net (BRTN) will use the 146.700 repeater every Wednesday night @ 9:30PM for their daily NTS practice net.  

The NOARS combined rag chew and technical net is held on Thursday evenings at 8:00 PM local time.  The technical discussions revolve around radio station equipment and computer hardware and are an insight to many listeners and participants who have questions regarding troubleshooting techniques. This net has been growing since the 1980’s.  With help from our Net Control Stations and the rest of the NOARS crew, the discussions on the net include topics of electrical safety, tower design, antenna building, troubleshooting high SWR, noise filtering, station grounding, mobile mounting complications, battery and fuse safety, vacuum tube principles, complicated antenna regulations, tuning coils, and output tank circuits, just to mention a few.  Since the beginning of the personal computers being tied into amateur radio station hardware, questions of this nature have always come up. This has prompted computer friendly operators to join in and share their knowledge solving, what for many was unknown, “black-box” technology and previously misunderstood.

Use EchoLink to check in.  K8KRG/R or Node #502546