In keeping with our mission statement, we offer classes when there is interest.  We welcome anyone who has an interest in amateur radio and wishes to obtain an FCC license.  In the United Sates, there are currently three classes of licenses: 1) Technician, which is a beginner level license with limited privileges, 2) General, which is a more advanced license with extended privileges, and 3) Amateur Extra, which permits operation on all allocated bands and modes available to United States hams.  If you are interested in taking a class or would like more information, please contact our President: Jane K8JGR at education(at)noars(dot)net or take our survey by clicking here.  If you are already licensed and would like to assist with teaching a class, you can also contact Alex.  He would love to add you to the NOARS Education team.  If you wish to research Amateur Radio licensing in the United States in more depth, click on the link below.

FCC Rules and Regulations Part 97

Here is a site which may interest you if you are seeking your license:

Free Ham Radio Study Website:

September 2016 Membership Meeting Presentation by Chet Roberts, K8KIZ: Field Day Antennas (This is a downloadable Power Point [PPTX] file)